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In 1988 JETNET LLC was founded by Vincent Esposito, Sr., an entrepreneur in Utica, NY who achieved great success in the industrial linen services business. It was in his first career that Mr. Esposito came to appreciate the benefits of business aircraft as employed by several of his peers. This sparked his interest in business aviation and led to the launch of JETNET. JETNET became the first aircraft research service to harness the power of the modern PC.

In July 1988, the company’s first 12 researchers began building the database that at the time contained 12,000 airframes. The custom interface was a simple DOS program delivered daily via satellite. This was revolutionary at the time and established JETNET’s reputation as the forerunner in technological advances.

JETNET has since grown to approximately 50 researchers, updating information on over 98,000 airframes. The service is entirely web-based and driven by the highly sophisticated Evolution interface. Recent innovations include SMS text messaging, customizable database interface Views, and Evolution mobile.

JETNET is today regarded as the comprehensive provider of business and commercial aircraft intelligence, and serves thousands of aviation professionals throughout the world.


  • 1987 – Programming began
  • 1988 – (January) Beta program ready. DOS version
  • 1988 – (mid-to-late) Release of the first JETNET program, available via satellite
  • 1990 – (late) Modem system released
  • 1990 – (late) Owner database included in the program
  • 1997 – (October) JETNET for Windows version 1.0 released
  • 2001 – (November) JETNET’s in-house research software “Homebase” in use
  • 2002 – (mid-year) Evolution released
  • 2003 – (September) Email alerts released. (As of 8/2011, 1,005,985 email alerts have been sent.)
  • 2004 – (October) Purchased AvData
  • 2005 – (January) Announced addition of helicopters to Evolution
  • 2005 – (February) Email request service introduced
  • 2006 - (Fall) Moved into the Hurd Building (current headquarters)
  • 2006 – (September) Introduced Aviation Business Index
  • 2008 – (May) JETNET was recognized as a major factor in the economic growth of the Mohawk Valley and was
               presented with the “Leading Edge Award”
  • 2009 – (May) SMS text messaging released
  • 2009 – (July) Evolution Mobile introduced
  • 2010 – Addition of JETNET Views to Evolution
  • 2010 – (October) JETNET CRM introduced
  • 2011 – JETNET iQ debuted
  • 2011 – (October) Commercial Airliner database introduced
  • 2011 – (August) JETNET CRM Mobile introduced