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JETNET is under the leadership of Vincent Esposito, President and Tony Esposito, Executive Vice President

Vincent Esposito, President

Vincent Esposito has been president of JETNET LLC since taking over the company in 1991. Under his leadership, buoyed by his love of the company and his devotion to its success, JETNET has grown into the world leader in aviation information services.

Vincent was raised in Utica, New York. He graduated from Utica College with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. He went on to graduate with his JD from Syracuse University College of Law in 1990. After the passing of his father, who had been JETNET’s founder and President since its inception in 1988, he stepped up to run the company.

Vincent is always looking for opportunities to advance the company, whether it’s expanding JETNET’s research base or introducing new products and services. He supports and encourages his management team to constantly innovate and think ahead.

Vincent lives in Santa Barbara, CA, where he established JETNET’s west coast office.

He enjoys reading, yoga, meditation and the overall strengthening of his spirit and mind. He is actively engaged in the lives of his two teenage sons, Evan and Anton, and enjoys training and “showing” his Labrador Retriever, “Stark”.

Tony Esposito, Executive Vice President

Tony grew up in Utica, NY and has dedicated his entire working career to JETNET. He briefly attended prep school in Connecticut, but quickly returned to his home town to finish high school and attend Utica College, an extension of Syracuse University, with a minor in art. He also attended New York Film Academy in New York City.

Besides his dedication to JETNET, Tony’s love of art and design has been a main element of his work. He has been the driving creative force in the remodeling of JETNET’s state-of-the-art offices. The company purchased an unused shoe warehouse, The Hurd Building, in downtown Utica as part of the city’s focus on urban development. Tony has also been the eye of the company in all its design work and high-tech ambiance, reflected in the headquarters. Also, Tony is also the purveyor of his own JETNET blend of coffee.

Tony is very active in Utica’s civic scene as owner of a successful martini bar. He brings his hands-on working knowledge of business to his varied operational roles at JETNET.

Lucia Frontera, Vice President of Research

Lucia has been with JETNET from the very beginning in 1988, and has participated in the growth of every department throughout the past 23 years. She has overseen the growth of the research department from 12 researchers in 1988 to approximately 50 researchers today, and managed the database from its original 22,000 business aircraft to its current 98,000 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters worldwide.

During JETNET's growth, Lucia has designed the most innovative and streamlined information process in the industry. Under her guidance, JETNET researchers handle an enormous volume of data daily, confirming and reporting market information to our customers as quickly as it comes in.

Prior to joining JETNET, Lucia was President of the Better Business Bureau of the Mohawk Valley for ten years.

Lucia lives in Utica with her husband Fred.

Paul Cardarelli, Vice President of Sales

Paul is part of the very foundation that built and supports JETNET. He has been with the company from its founding in 1988.

He began as a researcher, and learned all about the trade of business aircraft and JETNET’s profound influence within it. In 1994 he was promoted to Sales Director, and today manages a staff of ten with responsibility for all JETNET subscription sales worldwide. Paul is also JETNET's delegate to the NBAA Leadership Council.

Paul has been a private pilot since 1981 and is also a member of the Business Aviation Subcommittee of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management from the State University of New York at Oswego.

Paul, his wife Cynthia, and their two children, Danielle and Nicholas, are residents of Ilion, NY, where he is Unit Commissioner for the Boy Scouts of America of Ilion and a member of the Ilion Winter Club.

David Cruger, Vice President of Technical Operations

David was originally a contract programmer developing the prototype PC application that in 1987 would become JETNET. He joined JETNET full-time in 1988, and in the last 23 years has helped design and develop the foundation of our database, software and network infrastructure.

During his time with us, David has worked with hundreds of companies, integrating JETNET’s aircraft data into their businesses. From enhanced software features to custom reports, data migration and importing and exporting, he has met every request with consummate skill and professionalism. David has also been instrumental in the evolution of our data delivery, one of JETNET’s distinct advantages. He managed our service from its early delivery via satellite downlink to the industry’s first fully web-based product (JETNET Evolution), and today’s wide range of alert systems, from email and SMS text messaging to another first for JETNET, Evolution Mobile.

After spending 19 years volunteering with the South Utica Little League, David continues to enjoy teaching youth in his spare time. As a New York State Hunter Education instructor and N.S.C.A. Level I shotgun instructor, he has helped the Boy Scouts of America and 4H groups, and run skeet clinics for youth and ladies. David is a member and supporter of six not-for-profit fish and game clubs in Central New York.

David has been married for 32 years to his wife Suzanne. They have four children, Jason, Alisa, Mark and Patrick.

Diane Levine-Wilson, Director of New Business and Product Development

Diane’s journey in aviation began in aircraft sales in the late 1970s. She became marketing administrator at Executive Air Fleet in Teterboro, NJ, where in 1982 the concept of an independent research service, AMSTAT, was sparked. Diane founded and ran AMSTAT Corporation until its sale in 2003, and remained President until 2006. She joined JETNET in 2009.

She describes her decision to join JETNET as, “The best decision I could have made. JETNET is a true leader in the industry with the finest foundation in quality research and an eye to the future. I am honored to be with such a fine company and to work with the best professionals in aviation.” She has brought many years of experience and innovative ideas to JETNET, helping us grow, secure and maintain our position as the leader in market research information.

Diane is a member of the International Aviation Women’s Organization.

Born in Brooklyn NY, Diane received a BA in Anthropology from Brooklyn College. She has two daughters, Shari and Micki, who worked with her for many years at AMSTAT, and three grandsons, Cameron, Maxx, and Logan. She continues to live and work on the Jersey shore. A retired equestrian, she still has her beloved paint “Dandy”. She is an artist, and also manages to keep her interest in Anthropology alive by volunteering on digs around the world whenever the opportunity arises.

Karim Derbala, Managing Director of Global Sales

Karim was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1973 and grew up in Cairo, Egypt until the age of 18. After graduating from the German High School (DEO) in Cairo in 1993, he moved to Zurich, Switzerland in 1994 to attend the University of Zurich, from which he graduated in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in law.

At this time, he decided to move to upstate New York to study sales and marketing at Syracuse University. He graduated from SU with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management in 2003. During that period Karim began working at JETNET in Utica as an international business aircraft researcher in 2002. He has been representing JETNET as an Exclusive Agent for Europe, Middle East and Africa out of Zurich, Switzerland since 2004.

Karim speaks fluent English, French, German and Arabic and has a basic knowledge of Italian. He loves music and plays the piano and trumpet. He also loves to play golf.