Privacy Notice

JETNET is in the business of providing information about aircraft for the use of its customers in the aircraft industry. JETNET is aware of the recent regulation enacted in the European Union (EU) for the purpose of protecting the privacy of individuals. The data processed by JETNET is limited to information about aircraft. In such process, information may be obtained about an individual but is limited to a business address, business email address or business telephone number. JETNET does not intend to collect personal data about an individual or target its services at individuals in the EU.

JETNET has a legitimate business interest in its limited processing of data because: it is necessary to carry out business activities; the data is limited in scope; the information or data generally has been made public or has been voluntarily disclosed on a company website or other means; and, the limited processing of data does not override privacy interests of an individual.

The core activities of JETNET do not involve large scale, regular and systematic monitoring of individuals or any form of tracking and profiling on the internet.

The privacy policy of JETNET includes:

  • Collection and processing of data is limited to its business relationship to aircraft.
  • Collection and processing of data does not include that of children.
  • Collection and processing of data does not include “sensitive data,” as that term is defined in the regulation.
  • Collection and processing of data is not for the purpose of marketing or targeting individuals in the EU.
  • Data is retained only as long as reasonably required for its business purposes.

Any concern about the policy of JETNET or the data of EU individuals, may be directed to or by telephone 1-800-553-8638