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JETNET iQ (Independent, Quarterly) is an initiative launched in 2011 by JETNET LLC in collaboration with the aviation consultancy Rolland Vincent Associates LLC of Plano, TX. Each quarter the JETNET research team conducts a detailed and insightful survey with 500 business aircraft owners and operators around the globe. By the close of 2017, more than 14,000 responses will have been collected since surveys began in 2011—likely the most comprehensive on-going study of business aircraft owner/operator behavior and sentiment ever conducted.

JETNET iQ surveys are designed to read the pulse of the business aviation community on such issues as their regard for major airframe and engine brands, intentions for future aircraft utilization and purchases, perceived obstacles to new aircraft purchases, and sentiment for the marketplace as a whole. From this information we compose a detailed study, released on a quarter-annual basis and segmented into four categories:

  • The Economy
    A review of global economic indicators driving the new and pre-owned business jet markets.
  • The Industry
    A review of deliveries and other developments concerning each of the major business jet airframe OEMs.
  • The Survey
    The sentiments of aircraft owners and operators regarding their plans to fly aircraft, buy aircraft, their regard for key brands in business aviation, and other relevant topics.
  • The Forecast
    The JETNET iQ exclusive 10-year prognosis for business jet deliveries and retirements.

JETNET iQ is offered as follows:

  • JETNET iQ Investor
    Includes an abridged version of the quarterly reports we offer in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum OEM-level services.
  • Silver Level
    Includes abridged quarterly reports, summary tables of survey results, and 1 pass for admission to our annual JETNET iQ summit.
  • Gold Level
    Includes full quarterly reports, summary tables of segmented survey results, and 2 passes for admission to our annual JETNET iQ summit.
  • Platinum Level
    Includes full quarterly reports, line-by-line survey results and forecast details, 1 CEO question (Customer Eyes Only) inserted into each quarterly survey, and 3 passes for admission to our annual JETNET iQ summit.

Each year, JETNET iQ holds a summit featuring spirited presentations and dialog from industry leaders. Visit the JETNET iQ Summit page for more information.

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