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Evolution Aerodex is a version of Evolution tailored specifically for FBOs, MROs, and other service providers who need access to our accurate and timely database of worldwide aircraft owners and operators. You get the same fleet data and functionality as Evolution Marketplace, without the Aircraft For Sale market.

Access the crucial market intelligence you need with Aerodex LIVE, and anticipate the needs of clients and potential clients. Evolution Aerodex will launch from any web-enabled device.

Evolution Aerodex includes Business Aircraft, Helicopter, and BigPlanes (Commercial Airliners) service sectors.

As an Evolution Aerodex subscriber, you can have updates sent to your cell phone, smartphone, or iPad, free with select service levels.

New Year, New Features for Aerodex

Aerodex is now flying with new features, including new ways for you to find and conduct business, with no upgrades required!

New Airport/FBO View

The new Airport/FBO View gives you new insight for every airport location. We designed it for companies currently providing (or looking to provide) operational support at a specific airport.

  • Quickly see individual aircraft, owners, operators, and companies located in or around a given airport
  • Intuitively grasp the flight activity at a given airport, including individual flights, most common types of aircraft, and most common origins and destinations
  • Rapidly identify a list of your airports—or those nearby—to evaluate operations, expand business, identify potential new customers, and connect with other local companies

Select your target airport, then save time and effort with a dozen new tabs or reports, with our Airport/FBO View.

Watch this brief video on the new View, then request a live demo by entering your contact information below:

Fill out our online form.

Take Off With Better Insight Into Aircraft Usage

Now you can display Estimated Airframe Hours for a given aircraft, based on FAA Flight Activity, and it’s built right into Evolution Aerodex. Find times in four different ways in your searches, then put this new information to work for you and your business.

  • Find Estimated Airframe Times in Aircraft Listings, Aircraft Details Pages, Flight Activity Pages, and by searching aircraft by Estimated Airframe Hours.
  • Get the best of both worlds for the most accurate view of aircraft usage: Airframe times that are research-verified, combined with updated flight hours and cycles since the data was last verified
  • View estimated airframe times on detailed aircraft pages, or use this data to filter for aircraft with higher or lower utilization rates
  • View aircraft flight patterns and overall utilization vs. other aircraft of the same make and model

Find the information you need—everywhere you need it—for deeper insight, with Estimated Airframe Times.

Check out this brief video on the new feature, then request a live demo by entering your contact information below:

Fill out our online form.

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