Privacy Notice

JETNET LLC is in the business of researching and providing information on aircraft plus fleet and market intelligence for business and commercial aviation. A significant part of such business is to provide detailed specifications about aircraft in the sector of aviation commonly known as general civil aviation. The data presented by JETNET is limited to information about aircraft, their owners, and operators.

The data is collected and provided to customers having a business interest in detailed information about aircraft, such as, manufacture, model, history of ownership, and equipment. It may also include contact information for companies and individuals associated with a particular aircraft such as location, telephone number and email address. Sources of the information presented by JETNET include but are not limited to: direct contact with persons associated with aircraft, company websites, advertisements, publications, and public records, including aircraft national registries.

JETNET has a legitimate business interest in its limited processing of data because: it is necessary to carry out business activities; the data is limited in scope; the information or data generally has been made public or has been voluntarily disclosed on a company website or other means; the limited processing of data does not override privacy interests of an individual. JETNET information is NOT made available to the general public. Rather, JETNET services and data are presented to a closed network of qualified business professionals having a legitimate need for such information for their business.

The core activities of JETNET do NOT involve large scale, regular, and systematic monitoring of individuals or any form of tracking and profiling on the internet.

The privacy policy of JETNET includes:

  • Collection and processing of data is limited to its business relationship to aircraft.
  • Collection and processing of data does not include that of children of any age.
  • Collection and processing of data does not include “sensitive data.”
  • Collection and processing of data is not for the purpose of marketing or targeting individuals in the EU.
  • Data is retained only as long as reasonably required for its business purposes.
  • JETNET does NOT collect or process personal household information, such as, gender, age, anything health related, race, marriage, household metrics, social security numbers, religion and the like.

When you access the JETNET website you may receive cookies, which are used to assist in delivering a high-quality experience when using the website. Cookies can be used to recognize a device so that the user does not have to provide the same information more than once. Cookies are also used to improve performance by doing such things as tracking page loads, responses, and error messages. Users can control the use of cookies by adjusting settings in a browser, but if the user refuses to accept cookies, they may not be able to access parts of the website or lose full functionality.

Anyone concerned about the privacy policy of JETNET may contact us by mail at: JETNET LLC, 101 First St., Utica, NY 13501 or by email at The inquiry should include a contact name, place of residence, contact information and a brief statement of the concern. While JETNET will act in good faith to address concern, for various reasons, it may elect to take no action.