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JETNET Evolution Marketplace

JETNET Evolution Marketplace is for aviation sales and finance professionals requiring up-to-the-minute as well as historic aviation information on an encyclopedic scale. Covering the worldwide fleets of jets, turboprops, pistons, helicopters, and commercial transport aircraft, we maintain databases to satisfy your areas of expertise. Explore how flight utilization is impacting value at the serial number level for individual aircraft, or by fleets. Compare, contrast, and identify aircraft mission activity to target when aircraft are suitable for your clients.

  • Engage the largest and most complete listing of fixed and rotary wing aircraft on and off market worldwide
  • Get Live Event email updates
  • Stay current on the top 75 key events that affect the makes and models you are tracking
  • Gain access to aircraft decision makers: owners, chief pilots, operators, directors of maintenance, and directors of aviation
  • See JETNET Values for current and historical reported sold prices at the serial number level
  • Select from hundreds of historical reports or customize your own to review trends by make/model, fractional positions, leased aircraft, charter intelligence, and operator aircraft summaries
  • Explore the fully integrated direct feed of aviation flight data from the FAA
  • Launch the Airport Activity View to learn utilization history of individual aircraft or fleets with AFTT, engine times, and cycles

JETNET Marketplace Manager

JETNET Marketplace Manager was designed for aviation professionals who require a customizable tool to manage day-to-day sales, market analysis, and prospecting activities. The Marketplace Manager (MpM) program works alongside all JETNET Marketplace services, and allows extensive editing of aircraft records, company information, market analysis reports, and prospecting files. Saved changes can be viewed by the author only, or shared with designated recipients. All of your data is secured on a platform separate from JETNET.

  • Only you have access to your MpM program; JETNET cannot access your data
  • Replace JETNET information with your own market research data
  • Use MpM to customize your market surveys or sold surveys using Excel
  • Capture, edit, update, and track target markets with sold, asking, and take prices 
  • Build client confidence with better understanding of aircraft values and trends
  • Develop prospect-specific aircraft portfolios with supporting comparable asking, take, and sold data sets
  • Create presentations with exceptional visual graphics that complement the data analytics
  • See JETNET Values for current and historical reported sold prices at the serial number level

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