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Developing a relationship with your customers and prospects takes time, and requires good contact information to get the process started. It’s also critical to focus on those prospects that fit your niche. AERODEX Elite, our live update service, allows you to do both simultaneously. Discover the key contacts, including owner/operator, chief pilot, and maintenance contacts, with serial-number-specific aircraft details on the business jets, turboprops, pistons, and helicopters under their care. Search individual aircraft by serial number to find thousands of components by manufacturer or category. Use our data to actively follow how aircraft utilization and travel patterns help predict when make- and model-specific maintenance events will be required. Gain access to individual aircraft or fleet activity at the airport(s), and/or by operator(s) per location, and companywide. Identify and track highest utilization by individual aircraft, makes and models, airports, and operators. Track and record your client and prospect flight activities within the “My Airports”, “My Operators”, and “My Aircraft” folders.

Find the aircraft and companies you want to work with, using your access to:

  • Key aircraft contact information, including owners, chief pilots, operators, directors of maintenance, and directors of aviation
  • Individual and fleet summaries by 5 Life Cycle categories
  • Aircraft location by specific make/model by state, region, or country, with full contact details 
  • Fleet summaries by companies, makes, models, serial numbers, specs, and certificates
  • Utilization by serial number 
  • AFTT, engine times, and cycles, at the serial number level 
  • Serial number search criteria for thousands of components by manufacturer or category
  • Major inspections and maintenance compliance 
  • Custom Live Event email updates on 75 key events that effect the makes and models you are prospecting

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