JETNET iQ is an aviation market research, strategy, and forecasting service for the business aviation industry. JETNET iQ provides independent, Quarterly intelligence, including economic and industry analyses, business aircraft owner/operator survey results, and new aircraft delivery and fleet forecasts. JETNET iQ is a collaboration between JETNET and Rolland Vincent Associates LLC of Plano, Texas, an aviation market research consultancy.

  1. JETNET iQ Reports are the definitive analytical reference for the business aviation industry, incorporating economic and industry analyses, proprietary aircraft owner/operator surveys, and detailed 10-year delivery and fleet forecasts, updated quarterly.
  2. JETNET iQ Summits are annual thought-leadership conferences providing insights into the state of the industry, and unique networking opportunities with industry leaders.
  3. JETNET iQ Consulting serves the needs of clients with customized research and analysis requirements on a project-by-project basis.

JETNET iQ conducts a proprietary global survey of aircraft owners and operators every quarter to capture the pulse of the business aviation community. Since 2011, JETNET iQ Surveys have been at the core of the most comprehensive on-going research of business aircraft owner/operator behavior and sentiment ever conducted.

JETNET iQ Reports are published in electronic format on a quarterly basis, and segmented into 4 main focus areas:

  • The Economy
    A review of global economic indicators driving business aviation markets.
  • The Industry
    A review of business aircraft fleet, delivery, for-sale inventory, utilization, and other trends, and a “deep dive” into developments at each of the major business aircraft manufacturers (financials, orders/deliveries/backlog/book-to-bill, new product development).
  • The Survey
    A review of the sentiments of aircraft owners and operators regarding utilization patterns and intentions, market sentiment, aircraft purchase and selling intentions, aircraft/engine/FBO brand perceptions, and other relevant topics.
  • The Forecast
    JETNET iQ’s latest 10-year forecast of new business aircraft deliveries, retirements, and fleet developments (jets and turboprops) by world region and by aircraft size category.

JETNET iQ Reports are available on an annual subscription basis at 5 different levels:

  • Platinum
    Includes quarterly reports, line-by-line JETNET iQ Survey results, 1 “CEO” question (Customer Eyes Only) incorporated into each quarterly survey and summarized in a special CEO Report, and 3 complimentary registrations for our annual JETNET iQ Summit.
  • Gold
    Includes quarterly reports, line-by-line JETNET iQ Survey results, and 2 complimentary registrations for our annual JETNET iQ Summit.
  • Silver
    Includes quarterly reports and 1 complimentary registration for our annual JETNET iQ Summit.
  • Investor
    Includes an abridged version of the quarterly reports we offer in Silver-, Gold-, and Platinum-level services.
  • OEM Insider
    Includes quarterly market overviews and updates on major fixed-wing aircraft manufacturers, with analyses of their financial / sales / delivery / backlog results, and new product development programs.

Each year, JETNET iQ organizes a thought-leadership conference featuring insightful presentations, moderated panels, and spirited back-and-forth exchanges with industry leaders. Visit the JETNET iQ Summit page for more information.

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