Charter & Management Companies

The business aviation industry has many unique facets, including the critical roles played by charter and management companies, and the many clients they serve. For nearly 30 years, JETNET has researched and followed this sector, and designed Evolution Marketplace and AERODEX Elite with specific capabilities for charter, in addition to the standard JETNET research capabilities. Covering worldwide market intelligence, as well as fleets of jets, turboprops, pistons, helicopters, and commercial transport aircraft, we maintain databases to satisfy your areas of expertise. For those in the charter and management sectors, or professionals looking to better understand the providers and the fleets they utilize, JETNET delivers:

  • Worldwide Operator/Aircraft Summary: listing the top 250 operators and top 250 models in operation with full company/fleet details
  • Charter Intelligence Worldwide: listing the top 50 charter companies and the top 50 models in operation with full company/fleet details
  • Geographical search for tail number, certification, company or individual, make or model, by country, state, or airport
  • Key aircraft contact information, including owners, operators, chief pilots, directors of maintenance, and directors of aviation
  • Detailed flight utilization at the serial number level or fleet level, by airport and/or operator

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