July 7, 2022

10 Most Coveted Business Aircraft For 2022 — Which Model Would You Buy?

Bar chart showing survey results of question “If you were planning to purchase a new business aircraft tomorrow or next week, which model would you buy?”

Net takeaways:

  • Our exclusive surveys of customer preferences reveal brand loyalties, market demand, and emerging patterns of customer migration.
  • Rigorous survey techniques generate unparalleled market intelligence.
  • JETNET iQ Surveys provide unique insights and perspectives on emerging trends and patterns in business aviation.

If you were planning to purchase a new business aircraft tomorrow or next week, which model would you buy? We sifted through our database of exclusive survey data to find the models that buyers say they are most likely to choose the next time they purchase a new business aircraft.

The Pilatus PC-12 tops the list, followed closely by the Embraer Phenom 300, the Pilatus PC-24, and the Gulfstream G-600. The next most popular on the list are the Falcon 2000, the Gulfstream G-700, the Embraer Praetor 600, the Gulfstream G-280, the Falcon 6X, and the Challenger 350.

All of them, of course, are fabulous business aircraft with excellent track records of safety, comfort, and reliability. Based on the list, it seems as though our survey respondents favor models with extremely solid designs and strong resale values.

From my perspective, the list is a good indicator of market demand, brand loyalty, and potential customer migration. In other words, if you like one of the ten airplanes on the list, there’s a good chance that you also would like one of the other nine airplanes.

At JETNET, we love digging into our survey data and finding interesting trends and patterns. For us, business data is more than just numbers — it’s a compelling story about real people and their preferences.

As most of you already know, JETNET specializes in providing information and market intelligence for the business aviation community. This is our bread and butter, and we’re genuinely proud of our data science skills.

Over the past 12 years, we’ve conducted a continuing series of invitation-only, password-protected surveys. Our JETNET iQ Surveys have generated nearly 23,000 responses from business aviation professionals in 143 countries, creating a rich trove of data that we analyze for valuable insights.

Conducting rigorous surveys on a regular basis enables us to gather data that’s fresh, relevant, and highly accurate. We aggregate and analyze the data we gather through our surveys to produce actionable market intelligence that’s incredibly useful for making business decisions. Join our community of customers and discover the benefits of our comprehensive database of business aviation information.

Greg Fell

JETNET maintains the world’s most comprehensive and granular database of actionable business aviation information. Our ability to collect, analyze and disseminate highly relevant business aviation data is unmatched. Visit us at JETNET.com to learn how we can help you make better business decisions by leveraging the power of world-class data and unbiased market intelligence.

Posted by Greg Fell
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