November 17, 2022

JETNET Model Market Summary: Everything You Need to Know in One Pane of Glass

Buying, selling, leasing, appraising, or financing an aircraft can be a complicated and stressful task. How do you know if you’re getting good value for your money? How much does it cost to operate the aircraft? Does it need maintenance? What is the best way to compare similar aircraft without getting lost in the details?

With the help of JETNET’s exclusive Model Market Summary tool, you can uncover precisely what you need to know to make the best possible business decision—all on one screen. The tool was designed specifically to allow buyers, brokers, dealers, appraisers, lenders, and manufacturers to find the answers they need as quickly and as easily as possible. Effortlessly keep track of current and historical data, trends, transactions, events, utilization, and more.

When we were designing the Model Market Summary, our goal was to create an experience similar to that of a pilot in a glass cockpit. Have everything you need at your fingertips—no more digging around through printed materials or shifting from one screen to another as you evaluate specifications and model variants. This feature makes it simple for you to make strategic economic decisions.

Here are some highlights of the feature’s capabilities at a glance:

  • Effortlessly capture all relevant market data in one view.
  • Become an industry expert in any make or model.
  • Explore model-specific statistics, including asking price, days on the market, and airframe total time.
  • Browse companies with projected aircraft for sale by model.
  • Look into expiring leases and fractional shares, average aircraft ownership length, previous ownership structures, wanted aircraft, and learn what aircraft companies commonly upgrade from.
  • Create and export custom content for serial number level details on any model or fleet. Market status and transaction information, and even aircraft valuations, are right at your fingertips.
  • Choose from three report types, all showcasing information in easy-to-read lists, tables, charts, and graphs.

JETNET is the world leader in aviation market intelligence, and our Model Market Summary feature is one of the reasons why our customers love us. Please check out the feature’s capabilities, and request a demo today.

Greg Fell

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JETNET maintains the world’s most comprehensive and granular database of actionable business aviation information. Our ability to collect, analyze and disseminate highly relevant business aviation data is unmatched. Visit us at to learn how we can help you make better business decisions by leveraging the power of world-class data and unbiased market intelligence.

Posted by Greg Fell
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