June 30, 2022

You Don’t Have to be a Pilot to Have a Great Career in Business Aviation

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Net takeaways:

  • Business aviation is a growing global industry with excellent career opportunities.
  • A rewarding and fulfilling career in aviation does not require a pilot’s license or a degree in aeronautics.
  • JETNET is hiring. Please visit our career page and see if there’s an opportunity for you.

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Business aviation is growing and flight operations are surging, creating demand for talent at all levels of the industry. In addition to pilots, business aviation needs technicians, controllers, dispatchers, mechanics, accountants, planners, project managers, marketers, sales executives, customer service professionals, human resource managers, business development associates, software developers, data scientists, and IT managers.

There’s also a growing ecosystem of schools and colleges with curricula explicitly designed for students who aspire to aviation careers. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida Institute of Technology, Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, and the University of North Dakota’s John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences are top-of-mind examples of well-established learning institutions for aviation professionals, and there are many more.

Sleek aircraft and amazing helicopters are definitely significant parts of the business aviation experience. But there’s more to the industry than soaring above the clouds. Business aviation is an essential piece of the bigger economic picture. It would be difficult to imagine a global economy — or any large-scale economy — functioning effectively without the innumerable benefits that business aviation provides on a daily basis.

Business aviation's mission is to transport people safely, securely, reliably, and comfortably whenever and wherever they need to travel. Accomplishing this mission requires the combined talent, focus, collaboration, and outstanding efforts of thousands of motivated individuals and organizations.

We’re doing our part at JETNET by providing the critical information and up-to-date market intelligence necessary for making the best possible decisions about selling, acquiring, financing, and operating business aircraft. If you are interested in pursuing a fulfilling and worthwhile career in business aviation, please visit our career page, look over the opportunities, and get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Greg Fell

JETNET maintains the world’s most comprehensive and granular database of actionable business aviation information. Our ability to collect, analyze and disseminate highly relevant business aviation data is unmatched. Visit us at JETNET.com to learn how we can help you make better business decisions by leveraging the power of world-class data and unbiased market intelligence.

Posted by Greg Fell
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