August 27, 2020

Issue 11 – Takin’ Care of Business (Aviation)

Whether you call it high-speed data, broadband, or simply WiFi, in-flight connectivity in today’s business aircraft is essential for taking care of business. As such, we were surprised to learn that only 34% of the worldwide business jet fleet currently listed for sale were identified as WiFi-equipped. While we acknowledge the complexities and costs of installing WiFi systems, particularly on older and lower valued aircraft, it is becoming increasingly clear that no office in the sky is complete without a way to stay connected.

In this issue, Shawn Vick, Chairman and CEO of Global Jet Capital, discusses the importance of fact-based assessments and industry introspection.

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In the next issue of PULSE: A message from Ford Von Weise, Director and Head of Global Aircraft Finance, Citi Private Bank.